Bulk Foam Soap Dispenser

White & translucent, 1 cc/stroke. Accommodates liquid and lotion soaps, except those with pumice. Large 1360 ml (46 ounce) see-through tank reduces environmental waste. Reservoir is removable from back plate for easy cleaning. Large push bar is conveniently placed and easy-to-operate. Unique water resistant top with curved design. Improved design eliminates soap waste. Made out of tough and durable ABS and SAN plastic for extended lifetime. 12 dispensers per case.

Can be used with the following products: #9610 Silky Smooth, #6610 Max-Control Hand & Body Foam Soap, #6610NF Max-Control Fragrance-Free Hand & Body Foam Soap, #9607 80% Alcohol for Hands & Other Surfaces, #6607 Max-Control 80% Alcohol for Hands & Other Surfaces, #9635 Soft Touch, #9635W Soft Touch White, #9636 Soft & Smooth, #9636W Soft & Smooth White, #9636WNF Hypoallergenic Soft & Smooth, and #9633 Aloe Soft.

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