Automotive Soaps and Cleaners

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    Concentrated anti-freeze windshield washer fluid. Packaged only in 55-gallon drums.

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    Bug Off

    Removes bug debris from the front grill, bumper, headlights, windshield, mirrors and hood of vehicles. Biodegradable. Concentrated. Recommended dilution: 1:50 to 1:100. Packaged in 5-gallon pails & 55-gallon drums.

  • Clean & Shine

    Clean & Shine

    Multi-purpose protectant: cleans, shines and protects vinyl, plastic, rubber and acrylics from harmful effects of water, oxygen and ultraviolet rays. Leaves a glossy finish. Non-flammable. Non-corrosive. Safe to use.

  • Super Brite

    Super Brite

    Concentrated yet mild car and truck soap. Active ingredients penetrate dirt and road film quickly, then rinse off easily. High foaming. pH controlled. Recommended dilution: 1oz./Gal. water. 5-gallon pails in stock. Other sizes available.

  • Super Pink

    Super Pink

    A highly concentrated pink powder that is formulated for use in car and truck wash systems. Also an excellent multipurpose powder for cleaning virtually any hard surface. It will not harm aluminum or paint or etch glass. Pleasant fragrance. High foaming. Biodegradable. Non-corrosive. 50-Lb. pails in stock. Also available in 400-Lb. drums.

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    Triple Foam

    Shaving cream-like foam for car wash tunnels. Available in three colors: yellow, blue and pink. pH controlled. Mild. Recommended dilution: 1:128.