Laundry Bleaches

  • Chlorine Bleaching Powder

    Chlorine Bleaching Powder

    Formulated primarily for use on white fabrics. Bleaches out even the worst stains. Highly concentrated. Much more stable than its liquid equivalents. Not recommended for use on sensitive fabrics. Available in 50-Lb. pails.

  • Deluxe Oxygen Bleach

    Deluxe Oxygen Bleach

    A concentrated color-safe fabric destainer and brightener. Not recommended for silk, wool, nylon or color fabrics.

  • Max-Control Laundry Destainer

    Concentrated liquid laundry bleach for white fabrics only. Brightens and whitens fabrics and removes stains not removed by detergents.


    Max-Control items include dispensing service.

  • Max-Control Oxygen Bleach

    Color-safe laundry bleach.  This product is a concentrated fabric destainer and brightener.  It brightens and whitens fabrics and helps remove stains not removed by detergents.  Not recommended for silk, wool, nylon or other sensitive fabrics.  Available in 5-gallon pails and 15-gallon drums.


    Max-Control items include dispensing service.

  • Oxygen Bleach

    Oxygen Bleach

    Color-safe powder bleach. A non-chlorine product which is safe for use on all washable fabrics at all wash temperatures. Removes stains. Brightens the fabric and enhances colors. Available in 50-Lb. pails.