• AC-85


    A concentrated ammoniated all-purpose cleaner. Excellent for commercial and institutional applications. May also be used as a floor finish stripper. Not recommended for wood, marble, tinted glass and other sensitive surfaces. Available in 4/1 gallon cases and 12/1 quart cases.

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    Chlorinated Degreaser

    Highly Alkaline and concentrated. Excellent for cleaning floors, walls, concrete and stainless steel surfaces in food processing areas and industrial cleaning applications. Not for use on marble, wood, painted surfaces, aluminum, fabrics, carpet, paper or other sensitive surfaces.

  • FCC-84


    Powerful. High foaming. High pH. Highly concentrated. Formulated for fast and efficient removal of oil and grease. Ideal for cleaning greasy kitchen floors, commercial and industrial parts and equipment and concrete floors and walls. Available in 4/1 gallon cases.

  • HD-43 Heavy-Duty Powder Cleaner

    This product may be used to clean pots & pans, hood filters, floors, walls, equipment, parts, concrete and commercial laundry. It is formulated to be tough on grease and grime. Do not use on wood, marble, or painted, sealed, sensitive or untested surfaces.

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    Tough Hands

    Hand cleaner with grit, for mechanics’ hands.