Hand Sanitizer

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This is an 80% alcohol hand sanitizer to help reduce bacteria and viruses that potentially can cause disease.  For use when soap and water are not available.


Available in 4 x 1 gallon cases, 16 x 16 ounce cases, and 55-gallon drums.  Can be used in #5525 Bulk Foam Soap Dispenser.


This product adheres to the WHO-recommended formula which is approved by FDA.  It is registered with FDA under NDC 74189-9606-2, 74189-9606-4 and 74189-9606-8.  It contains 80% alcohol, is thin and has a characteristic alcohol odor. In compliance with the WHO formula, it is neither a gel nor perfumed.  This product can be dispensed with a trigger sprayer, flip top, hand pump and most soap dispensers.  When available, we insert an empty 8 oz. or 16 oz. bottle with flip top in each case.

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